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Thursday, March 3

You are my Star!


Here is sit in a mustard jumper, tea in one
hand and iphone in the other, loading up what
I know will just be spam emails but hope
are from prospective sponsors for my new exhibition.
I opened this page thinking about what to write,
and as that little blinking line judged me for not
having anything interesting to say,
I realised... I learnt something new today!
So perhaps I'll share that, ey?
"In the Milky Way galaxy alone, there are a
trillion stars for each person on Earth."
Neat, huh?
So to my trillion little friends up there, please keep
twinkling on and lighting up the way for all the little
monsters out tonight. And in the morning let Melbourne's
weather cloud up the sky and let you sleep 'til tomorrow.
Speaking of which I've just completed a new batch
of pendants, *CLUNKY SEGWAY* called
'Melbourne Weather' Cloud Pendants. This is a bad photo
of them, but you get the jist:

Melbourne Weather Cloud pendants!

Shiny, like all those little stars. c:
They'll soon be up on my Etsy for around $16-$20
(so bad I haven't uploadedanything onto Etsy in a while!
Should get on that) I know I say that a lot but I swear I
will this time! Ahaha. The purple one is mine,
it was a test one, and a little odd but I still like it. I kind
of wish it was happy though... hindsight. Damn.
Still diggin' 'em though. I love making jewellery.
That's all for now! Maybe next post I'll show you all
my skateboard art?
Twinkling stars;
Amz. xo