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Friday, April 22

Amz on Amitty!

Ahoy Crew,

Excited for Easter? You better be! I'm excited for yummy
breskva, (Slovenian peach-style biscuits... hard to explain), yay! I'm also
excited for my birthday just next week. In fact, I've already
got a present... a fancy new Canon camera! I love it. It's second hand
but it's in great nick. I am going to take photos all across the
Easter weekend... as soon as I get a CF card for him. That's
all I need to start shooting. Unfortunately when I went to
Ted's Camera house at highpoint, the guy at the counter had no
idea what he was doing and gave me the wrong card. Note to self,
next time go to the one in the city. They're better informed in the CBD.

Speaking of CBD- If you're in Melbourne, don't forget to pick up a copy
of Nubile Zine to read a classy interview with myself
and Kitty on our current show, All Aboard! It touches
on how this whole kerfuffle started, and how it's going
to continue. Quite an interesting read, if I do say so myself...
If you can't pick it up, you can hit it up online at some point
in May (I wish I knew, but Nubile is pretty chill and will
release it in their own time) at,
just check on the zines link and find issue no.03! It's a pretty
neat publication, so beware as you'll probably get sidetracked
on their blog and spend your day going through their images...
I know I did.

In other news, Kitty and I have had a sit down and planned out
our next attack on the arts scene. All Aboard hasn't even been pulled
down yet and we're already beginning to organise the next one...
I swear, I'm such a lazy person when it comes to anything but illustration
and Amitty. I will work consistently and relentlessly to make sure I
have the perfect piece for a client or show, but when it comes to
tidying my room I am just godawful. I blame Kitty. Her work
ethic has rubbed off on me...

Don't forget to check out Amitty on Facebook, and
Amz Kelso on Facebook, I am holding another competition soon,
this time you will be able to win some custom jewellery I think!

(Make sure you're logged in to fb otherwise
you won't be able to check out the pages!)

The winner of the last comp, Dennis Ward, is having his Loveasaurus
print shipped on Tuesday/Wednesday. I am going to send it express...
that's right, regardless of cost, I ALWAYS POST EXPRESS! For some
reason I have never been able to send normal mail. It just never gets
to where it needs to be, it's ridiculous. I don't want my print crumpled
and discarded after travelling to the wrong home! The horror! I think I'm mail-lexic.

Anyway, I have fish to feed and a load of washing to put out.
Happy Easter by the way! Load up on lots of chocolate, and remember
to dance on Easter because you're not allowed to dance for four
days afterwards. It's Slovenian tradition.

Amz x

Tuesday, April 5

WIN! A hand-signed LOVEASAURUS print!


I've started up a new competition, to win an 8"x 12" print
of my piece 'LOVEASAURUS' piece. Here's all you have to do to
go into the running...

and comment on any competition-related status to go into the
running to win an 12" x 8" Gloss Print of LOVEASAURUS
signed by myself and sent straight to you.... express baby!

Alternately, if you don't have a facebook, you can just buy one of the
prints from my Etsy, here. I post express, so you don't have to fret- it
will show up within three days in perfect condition.

So, the link to my official facebook page is just there, and
it's also on the sidebar. Have fun in the competition, I hope you
take part in it. If not, have a lovely day anyway!

Good luck!

Amz; x

Friday, April 1

Like my art on FACEBOOK!


Quick one, I have done some printing today and will be getting
more tomorrow- Tom Wilson's edited beautiful photo prints
for the All Aboard show in fact! I was the editor, he was the photographer
and together we made magical clay things happen.

(Yeahh, I still have stuffed toys. Ones Tom made me and
some Japanese UFO catcher toys. I'm addicted to them!)

On a more professional and important note, I
finally updated my ancient deviantart, it's now current:
AND I have made myself an official facebook. Like the
page & follow my art. There is also an official facebook
page for Amitty Studios as well! Check out the sidebar, you'll
find a like button. Hit it and away we go!

That's all.

dA and digital prints~
Amz; x.