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Wednesday, October 27

I want to start a flame...

... in your heart.

Eighties style horror movie poster,
tacky & odd. Just the way I like it!
To promote an 'Something Else' (an
imaginary band) and their new album
'Cowboys, Curses, Monsters'.



Wednesday, October 20

Catch up!

I've been neglecting my blog a little recently, so I've
decided to catch up Twinkle on what's been going down
in my world recently...

Happy Holideers! 3hr Christmas card brief.

Tattoo design! Royal Zombie Deer for Danny Crain,
a wonderful lovely friend. This will be the second piece
of my artwork to be inked into his skin.

Dancing Octopus! For my boyfriend's birthday, I made
him a happy dancing octopus card. :3

And that's about it so far. Check out my flickr
for some more work...

Deer and Doughnuts,


Monday, October 11

People need to know about this intergalactic threat!


Because I'm all about retro horror posters atm, yo.
Just playing around, took about one and a half hours
or so... it was fun. Matching illustration coming
up soon as well!! :3
Space Race... GO!
Amz. xo

Sunday, October 3

Flickr & CLF launch

CLF launch was amazing!

Great music, cool people and
awesome venue... and let's
not forget about the art. ;)
This piece was based on the song
'Will in your Heart' by
Drugs in Vegas, a nifty Melbourne
band of niftiness. Check them out!

(C) Amz Kelso, exclusive to CLF.

Just got an account with
flickr. Thought it was worth
mentioning. :3

Holidays are over. Save me!

- Amz.