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Sunday, December 9

Fishy, fishy, fishy, FISH! Where is my...

Yo! This is what I've been up to recently, 
(amongst other things of course)


Designs for an Aquatic forum, had lots of fun on this commish! 
Bright, happy fish... What is more fun to draw?

Love, Amz.

Sunday, November 11


Snuggliphinx by Amz Kelso
Snuggliphinx, a photo by Amz Kelso on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Snuggling sphinx cats! A tee design available here:

Oooh, I love those cute little wrinkly skinny kittens! I love their piebald, cuddling, hugging, sleeping, snoozy little butts off! Hahaha. ^‿^

Love; Amz.

Monday, October 29

Be my Mary-Jane

Be my Mary-Jane by Amz Kelso
Be my Mary-Jane, a photo by Amz Kelso on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
'Be my Mary-Jane', ink & quills, on the run acrylic markers and photoshop.

Got inspired by watching 1, 2 and 3 of a particular super-hero film series ast week so I decided to ink a foxy redhead with a penchant for spiders. ;)

Cheers, Amz.

Friday, October 26

Mrs.Crowley's Old Fashioned Cherry Pie

New piece! Prints for sale at:

Via Flickr:
Super rad, super glamorous cherry pie, now with 50% more human; for that special guest at dinner who just won't settle for chocolate mousse!

Unfortunately when I scanned this baby, the ink was so thick it came out shiny. Which meant that the lines were rough, because there was glare and bounce back. When I render the traditional one I will be using a camera instead of a scanner...

Love, Amz. x

Sunday, October 21

My new monthly facebook giveaway!

A lot has gone down since I've been back from my expedition in Tokyo, and finished up with Creature Feature at No Vacancy. I am so busy I cannot slow down to blog! I apologize for that. Anyway, I just wanted to share my new print competition. :) Check my facebook page for details:

I promise I will update my blog properly soon! Lots of love- Amz; x.

Tuesday, August 21

Loveasaurus Tattoo!


Check it out! A lovely lady in Perth, (a most darling Miss Larissa), 
recently contacted me telling me she'd gotten a tattoo of my Loveasaurus piece! 
I asked for photos, turns out she's had it for a year- a large back piece that 
took seven hours to complete. How cool! I am so glad she loved it 
enough to keep it with her forever. (♥>(^ε^ )

Love; Amz. x

Wednesday, August 15


Hey everyone!

Sorry if I've been MIA, but I've been organizing a show this September at No Vacancy!

We're being sponsored by the amazing...

If you don't know them, you should! They are the go-to printer for fine artists across
Melbourne, or at least for the majority of artists I know.

The exhibition is titled CREATURE FEATURE, and is based around the theme of
'Monsters', which is pretty cool if you ask me (ask me, I'm the one who is running the
whole shabang) with 25 Melbourne artists combining forces to create a range of
digital art, traditional art, painted skate decks and sculptures!

So pumped to be hosting the show at No Vacancy, Melbourne QV!
Which, in my opinion, is one of the raddest Galleries in town...

Here is the facebook event, with further info~

We will also be holding a small stall with prints, a couple of books (etc) and so on,
so if the works are too pricey for you, you're most welcome to buy a smaller, cheaper
little print to hang on your wall! We'll also be having some alcohol on opening, so you're
all welcome to come down and have a beer/wine/cider for a gold coin donation. :)

Hope to see you there!

Amz; x.

Wednesday, June 27

I've gone Batty

Batman, Love-Heart Tattoo Design!

Originally I'd scribbled this at work, as a tattoo design for myself. 

へ(#◕ o ◕#)ノ

Love, Amz. x

Tuesday, June 12

Space Cookies



Don't eat them though. ;a;

Mixed Media: 
Inks, watercolour, acrylic, posca, wacom, photoshop.

Prints on society6:

Amz; x

Thursday, June 7

Marvelous Things on Society 6!


Super quickly... This is a new piece:

Marvelous Things, inspired by Eisley.

Also, I'm on Society 6 now! Think Redbubble, 
but more illustration oriented rather than photography. :)

Check it out!

Lotsa love & goodwishes,
Amz. xxx

Monday, June 4

Sailor Moon x Sailor Jerry Mash-up Tee


Sailor Jerry x Sailor Moon mashup. :)

Both baseball style and normal cut tees of this design 
are available for purchase on my redbubble here: link!

Cheers~ Amz; x

Monday, May 28



I've been busy prepping for an exhibition I'm throwing in September!
(That's right, little ol' me on my own! It's a lot of work, whew!)

Between gallery planning I've tried to work on some traditional pieces,
this is one a did a couple of weeks back, just got it to my scanner...

Colour pencil, 2012.

Hope you enjoy!

Love; Amz x

Sunday, May 20

4 hour pencil exercise


Just posting up a quick four hour pencil exercise I set myself. Little bit of Acrylic markers in there too. Happy with the way it turned out considering I haven't touched color pencils in... Woah, more than a year! I promise I'll post the proper scan soon, I've been having quite a lot of tech problems and health problems too. Hopefully clear skies are on their way in regards the both!

Anyway, enjoy.

Amz; x

Wednesday, May 9


Pt.2 C/Atomick series, 'Ratter'.


Hit me up on Facebook.
Buy prints of the C/Atomick series at RedBubble.

Amz; x.

Tuesday, May 8

Part one: CatNip.


'CatNip', part of the C/Atomick series 2012.

Doing a series of Atomic-retro Minx...(es?)... This is the first of the series. 
I'm feeling really good about these!! It's an idea I've been brewing up for
a while, so it's nice to finally get it out onto my Mac.

The original file is almost 10,000 pixels tall, 
shrunk down to my web-sizes of choice you lose too much of the magic 
so I'm posting this huge watermarked file for you to click into and enjoy.
For a cleaned image (without the watermarks, but smaller) check out my tumblr:

That's all.

Amz; x.

Wednesday, March 21



Totally finished my skatedeck! Just needs a glaze and it'll be ready
for a proper photo. Enjoy.

Love; Amz. x

Tuesday, March 13



Painting up a new skate deck. :)

Goldycorn! Combining my love of Unicorns, Goldfish, and pink, shiny things...

Love; Amz. x

Saturday, February 25



Testing out some magical stuff, aka textured brushes.
Just kinda whipped it up to test some textured brushes.
Thinking I like the whole textured brush look.
Kinda rad.
Used it heaps before but never in the way I've used it here.
Don't know if I'd adopt it for every piece
but I'd defs use it now and again.

Amz; x.

Wednesday, February 22

The Devil Shot My Kneecaps

"If Satan showed up with a gun, threatened “be disloyal or I shoot”
I’d take it in the kneecaps, rather than to be that guy to you
I’d throw up every morning, pull my nails out, take a wrench to all my teeth
To put a ring upon your digit, and have you fidget in your bed with me"

'Say Anything' by Say Anything

Love, Amz.

Sunday, February 19

Big Cartel Grand Opening!


Doing some crazy cheap comissions for the grand opening.

Check it out!

Love, Amz.

Wednesday, February 15


Alternately ’Sample My Sampler Box, After All It’s Valentine’s Day’!

Happy belated V'tines Day.

Photoshop CS3, Wacom tablet.

Love- Amz; x.

Thursday, February 9

Bubba Koi

March 8th head out to No Vacany Gallery in Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne QV,
to check out some incredi-cool illustrated dolls! Here's mine.

Hope you dig him. Check out more info about the doll, how I made him, and the
show he's being featured in here:!

Lotsa love
Amz; x