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Friday, January 14

Seal of Approval!

Seal of Friendship
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Ahoy Mateys and Mate-ettes!

Today has been a long day... and I have some lovely news! But first for the mundane- today was lovely.

I bought the ugliest nail-polish, it's somewhere between lime and mustard... (I love it), and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium and saw baby hammerhead sharks. I will be posting some art of them soon. There were also a couple of giant pacific octopus that I fell in love with. They are so, so beautiful... I stood next to a large, woman yelling 'GOD THAT'S GROSS' in a very bogan voice to her three year old son who was eating something off the floor and paying no attention to the wonderment around him. I'm fairly sure her son's name might have been Jayden, but that's another story. Gotta love this country.

Now for the important news...
I applied for a wonderful project for emerging artist through 'Avantcard'! If you live in Australia I'm sure you've seen their stands...
And if you haven't, and you have no idea what I'm on about, i'll explain. Basically they are a group of postcard manufacturers that print free postcards; they let emerging artists apply and if successful they generously print between 10,000-20,000 copies on eco-friendly paper with vegetable ink & coat it in an eco-safe gloss. It's a wonderful chance to expose yourself nation wide and spread a little bit of love! You can find their stands at places like Melbourne Museum Lobby, Universities, Art Galleries and many other public places etc.

(Here is their website if you're interested:

Anyway, the point being, (blabbity blab blab, do go on, Amz... not) that I have been accepted! And I will have postcards printed with my lovely artwork (humble, I know) nationwide! Mine will come just in time for Valentine's day and features that sweet little Loveasaurus piece that I posted here on Twinkle just recently. Their team is so lovely and so supportive, they are very efficient- even though I was just accepted yesterday I have just approved my proof! They have given me such a wonderous opportunity and I'd just like to shout out and say thank you in advance to them. So here are my seals of approval to the whole Avantcard process & team- you rock.

I am looking forward to all the smiles people will have when they see my pudgy, little dinosaurs smiling at them Australia wide! One of the main reasons I wanted to be an illustrator was to share the stories I create, share my mind, and to put smiles on people's faces. I have always thought that if my artwork can put a smile on just one person's face that it would be worth it. if just one person sees something I create and for a second it makes them happy, then that is enough... money is nice too. Haha. But I would rather have the whole world smile and be happy than all the money in the world... blab. I'm doing it again. Rambling aimlessly. I think that's a hint to get off of this.

Aquariums and Avantcards;
Amz. x

Thursday, January 13

Someone say 'Lettuce'!?

Someone say 'Lettuce'!?
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Woah! That's a lot of happy tortoises... c:

Some of them look spazzy as, but I think it adds to their charm. hahaha. I love their wrinkly necks!

In other, more personal, news. I have dyed my hair white blonde! After 2&1/2 intense hours I have a masterpiece mop on my head thanks to my killer hairdresser, Michelle.

I didn't want to but unfortunately i need to find a job, and people have a preconceived notion of young people with unnaturally coloured hair. If you don't believe me ask anyone who's had unnatural hair how easy it was finding a job. Believe me, there is still a prejudice against it. People think that with coloured hair you must be wild, or a bad egg or something. I'm a lovely egg but I don't fit in with corporate branding and look like some sort of coke whore (?) I suppose. (N) So, rest in piece pink hair... I will always love you!!

Haha. Many more dramatic updates coming soon!! Also news on an etsy store where you can buy prints, jewelry & plushies. :)

Stay chewnd bru'!

Peroxide & Porpoises,

Amz. x

Monday, January 10


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I was inspired by the walking masterpiece, that spunky blonde I call my boyfriend, and his intense love of dinosaurs! What better way to celebrate your love of dinosaurs than with a loveheart shaped menagerie of prehistoric critters?

Will soon be selling prints of this on my etsy store and, (fingers crossed!), trying to get it on teefury.

I hope you love it as much as I do!!!! It is definitely my favourite piece of the last 2x months or so. :D

Rahhhrrhhhhhs & Rexes,

Amz. x

Thursday, January 6

Second Sight

Second Sight
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'A luxury only royalty can afford.'

My favourite part of this is the teef in the background. It was a pattern I drew in the first year of old illustration course... in life drawing. Hahaha. I'm so rebel! ;)

Photoshop CS3 & Wacom Intuos 4.

Wednesday, January 5

No one will ever, ever take you away from me.

Today I bumped out the Babushka show with Kitty...
we're already planning the next one. ;D

I'll update on that soon, but not now.

This piece was just for fun. I like how it turned out!
Photoshop CS3, Wacom Intuos 4.




Sunday, January 2

Draped across the bed, in violent red.

V2.0! Reworked it for another few hours. I'm glad where it is now. I feel like I could probably work on it a little more but I'm scared of overworking on it... that's a no no.

For those who didn't see the last one, it's just a new technique/style I'm trying out. WHATCHA THINK!? :3 I'm pleased with it. Black lines have been obliterated for a more sophisticated feel. I'm going for more of a Tomer Hanuka look, (I wish...!).

Photoshop CS3 & Wacom Intuos 4! :D


Amz. x