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Saturday, February 25



Testing out some magical stuff, aka textured brushes.
Just kinda whipped it up to test some textured brushes.
Thinking I like the whole textured brush look.
Kinda rad.
Used it heaps before but never in the way I've used it here.
Don't know if I'd adopt it for every piece
but I'd defs use it now and again.

Amz; x.

Wednesday, February 22

The Devil Shot My Kneecaps

"If Satan showed up with a gun, threatened “be disloyal or I shoot”
I’d take it in the kneecaps, rather than to be that guy to you
I’d throw up every morning, pull my nails out, take a wrench to all my teeth
To put a ring upon your digit, and have you fidget in your bed with me"

'Say Anything' by Say Anything

Love, Amz.

Sunday, February 19

Big Cartel Grand Opening!


Doing some crazy cheap comissions for the grand opening.

Check it out!

Love, Amz.

Wednesday, February 15


Alternately ’Sample My Sampler Box, After All It’s Valentine’s Day’!

Happy belated V'tines Day.

Photoshop CS3, Wacom tablet.

Love- Amz; x.

Thursday, February 9

Bubba Koi

March 8th head out to No Vacany Gallery in Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne QV,
to check out some incredi-cool illustrated dolls! Here's mine.

Hope you dig him. Check out more info about the doll, how I made him, and the
show he's being featured in here:!

Lotsa love
Amz; x