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Friday, July 22

Show me the MUNNY!


Quickly updating (I'm at work, oops...) on my project/completed piece
for the Villain munny comp!

Munny Catfish

Munny Catfish

Munny Catfish

That's all for now. Back to work!


Amz; x

Wednesday, July 6

Lazy Days.


I've been super busy as of late (darn) as I'm now working full time in the CBD,
so there hasn't been much time for personal art. No fretting though, I've started to
paint a whole new piece and a large fashion collage, as well as three new tee designs!
It's all going quite slowly, but it is happening.

(I'm not dead!)

Speaking of the tee designs~ I am running a facebook competition to win
a RedBubble tee, of a theme of your choosing! Check out my page for more
details... Anywho, I've got to get to bed (Nana? Yes, yes I am) as I'm getting up
at six for work. u_____u'

Amz; x