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Tuesday, May 31

Latest and Greatest:


Here's what I've been up to lately...

That was just a scribble.

This is, 'I Could Be Yours':

And I've also been painting that maraca, as shown in
my last post. He's going to look a little like this:

I fashioned his fins from Polymer clay, and am already hunting ebay
for spare maracas! 23cm long wooden ones. If you find some let me know,
I have about 5 planned for my next exhibition! Anyway, that's about all.

Amz; x.

Sunday, May 29

Maracatfish of the Pink Lagoon WIP


I’m painting a maraca monster-style!
I call him ‘Maracatfish of the Pink Lagoon’.
This is just a work in progress shot,
next I’ll be adding scales and eventually fins.
Q. Should I make a whole series
of monster maracas? I’m thinking yes.

Amz; x

Tuesday, May 24


Leo by Amz Kelso
Leo, a photo by Amz Kelso on Flickr.


'Leo', photoshop/Wacom. Made the texture myself. Dig? This is the latest illustration I've created, and I'm doing another one right now...

I was going to put it in an astrology competition on RedBubble, but I feel it's not directly... 'astrology-y' enough, if that makes sense. They want the entires to be plastered with the Leo star symbol but that's not my style! :(

In other news I feel like my personal life is a burning wreck, so excuse me if the next few posts are of angry pictures. Well, less angry more sad. You get the gist.

Oh well. Feedback on Leo?

Lions and Lies,
Amz; x

Wednesday, May 18

Shwimpia & Saints

Saintly Sinner Sketch

Saintly Sinner Sketch- just a scan. Lead, acrylic.

Shwimpi- Silver jewelry set

Shwimpi Silver Jewelry set- Pure silver & gemstone.
Earrings on sterling silver hooks. It looks a little tarnished here
but it’s just the lime sulfur I hadn’t wiped off yet- this was taken
minutes after finishing them! I’ve also done little cloud
earrings to match the Melbourne Rainy Clouds fimo pieces I did.

That's all! Just a quick update.

- Amz; x

Saturday, May 7

'Queen Consort'

Mixed Media, Acrylics, Lead, Photoshop etc...

Dig it?

Amz; x

Tuesday, May 3

I'm in the Loop!

Are you?

To view my credz as an illustrator hit this link. If you've on The Loop
come follow me! If not, you should be.

Amz; x

Sunday, May 1



I feel like I'm slowly infecting the internet

one site at a time. I am yet to have my own

website/domain name which I should really

get on... I just don't have any money or web

design skills. :)

So, for now:

I am too tired to type anything more than this.

Cheers, Amz. x