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Thursday, June 9

I have a website!

I have a website! by Amz Kelso
I have a website!, a photo by Amz Kelso on Flickr.


That's right, last night I launched and frankly... I love it! I'm super pleased with the way it turned out, and now I don't have to stress about it anymore.

Here's a shot of my home page. I have neat little rollovers and links etc.

Hope you take a look and tell me what you think of it! I need feedback. :) Also tell me what you think of my portfolio arrangement & selection. Something missing that should've been there...?

Anyway, I'm off to do some work. Tc.
Cheers, Amz.

Monday, June 6


Hopefully showing this in a future show. Monsteracas by Amz!
This one is called 'Maracatfish of the Pink Lagoon'. I know I'm lame,
but at least I'm good at crafts. ;)

Cheers, Amz.

Sunday, June 5

Candy Cattle

Candy Cattle by Amz Kelso
Candy Cattle, a photo by Amz Kelso on Flickr.


Here's the latest piece, 'Candy Cattle', little darker than my usual work but I enjoy it. :)
It's also up on RedBubble for sale, so if you've been hankering for any of my prints (new or old) you'll be able to find them on my RB account here-

:D I've kind of dropped off the radar a little the last month, but everything's been a little crazy after All Aboard finished. We're planning our next exhibition and I've got a design client looking for a whole suite of work on a short deadline- crazy fun! So sorry about the dead blog. I swear I'm resurrecting it!

I've recently taken the time to photograph all my 3 dimensional art, so prepare for a flood of skateboards and musical instruments (by which I mean four, not a flood) haha. Stay tuned.

Lots of love, Amz; x