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Monday, May 28



I've been busy prepping for an exhibition I'm throwing in September!
(That's right, little ol' me on my own! It's a lot of work, whew!)

Between gallery planning I've tried to work on some traditional pieces,
this is one a did a couple of weeks back, just got it to my scanner...

Colour pencil, 2012.

Hope you enjoy!

Love; Amz x

Sunday, May 20

4 hour pencil exercise


Just posting up a quick four hour pencil exercise I set myself. Little bit of Acrylic markers in there too. Happy with the way it turned out considering I haven't touched color pencils in... Woah, more than a year! I promise I'll post the proper scan soon, I've been having quite a lot of tech problems and health problems too. Hopefully clear skies are on their way in regards the both!

Anyway, enjoy.

Amz; x

Wednesday, May 9


Pt.2 C/Atomick series, 'Ratter'.


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Amz; x.

Tuesday, May 8

Part one: CatNip.


'CatNip', part of the C/Atomick series 2012.

Doing a series of Atomic-retro Minx...(es?)... This is the first of the series. 
I'm feeling really good about these!! It's an idea I've been brewing up for
a while, so it's nice to finally get it out onto my Mac.

The original file is almost 10,000 pixels tall, 
shrunk down to my web-sizes of choice you lose too much of the magic 
so I'm posting this huge watermarked file for you to click into and enjoy.
For a cleaned image (without the watermarks, but smaller) check out my tumblr:

That's all.

Amz; x.