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Tuesday, August 31

Midnight tea in the Octoking's Garden

The title says it all. Just a little bit of love spawned this,
love for a particular Beatles Song.... and a wonderous
cheeseburger wielding boy.

Love, love, love!

~ Amz. x

Wednesday, August 25

Gaga Oo lala...

Want your Bad Romance

I don't own this Lady, or her name, but God I love her!

It was based on a vintage french poster. She's so elegant. ;)
I believe I'll be selling the original at the end of the year as a large
digital print with hand painted gold words & crown. ^____^
"IT BECOMES THE ORIGINAL" - Warren Crossett.

Speaking of the end of this year, anyone in Melbourne should check
out our end of year Illustration exhibition: Illustre!

(I did the poster design too with some help ;D)

We're presenting at Chapel Off Chapel in November,
from the 7th 'til the end of November. Originals will be for
sale as well as prints. Come down and take a gander, eat free
cheese cubes and drink our cheap piss (it's not that cheap!)...
You might even make some new friends! Wonderous. :)

More updates soon. But for now, enjoy my portrait of
our Great Lady. ;D

Lots of Geese and Gluten free Cupcakes~
Amz. x

Tuesday, August 24

Queens of twinkle.

'Reine de Nuit'

A couple of old works I found deep down in the cesspool- I mean-
recesses of my harddrive. Not a lot of work that I've done in the
past has stayed relevant, so I was happy to find these! A lot of my old
work looks like a money drew it and then let an elephant do the details
on it. 'Ey? I like these though. They look nifty. :3

'Reine de jour'

Poulpe et crevettes avec
des moustaches...

~ Amz. xo

Monday, August 23

Michi Girl!

You dig?

Don't know if you guys know about this but there's a great
fashion/weather blog called Michi Girl that is looking for some
writers for a new website she's getting together! I just sent
off my sample story and image... I drew that illo all special like just
for the occasion. Based on one of my nifty lost and found dresses...
here's a photo of the dress. :3 REAL vintage, baby, can't go wrong.

I love it. ^_____^

Dresses and messes,
~ Amz; x

Wednesday, August 18

The Cannibal Galaxy Private Battalion!

Enlist today!
I don't like any of this image
apart from the hand! Look at that
hand it's flippin' great. I'm in love
with it! I'll redraw the rest later. :)

Cheers ~

Amz. x

Monday, August 16

In an Octopus' garden... the shade!

In my sick delirium I
tried for a more Jasper Wong feel...
and in some small way I think I
succeeded! Hoorah! I am in love with how
it turned out. I just wish I could remember
how I did the majority of it. :l

In a vaguely related note, I think my
shrimp obsession is growing worse....


Octopie and Shrimpie and other
delicious baked treats made out
of sea creatures...

Amz ~ x

Saturday, August 14


Mock advertisement for a mock company called 'Shugakuki'.
Diggin' the mo on the cowshrimp.

Butter & Bunnies;

Amz. x

Wednesday, August 11