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Wednesday, August 25

Gaga Oo lala...

Want your Bad Romance

I don't own this Lady, or her name, but God I love her!

It was based on a vintage french poster. She's so elegant. ;)
I believe I'll be selling the original at the end of the year as a large
digital print with hand painted gold words & crown. ^____^
"IT BECOMES THE ORIGINAL" - Warren Crossett.

Speaking of the end of this year, anyone in Melbourne should check
out our end of year Illustration exhibition: Illustre!

(I did the poster design too with some help ;D)

We're presenting at Chapel Off Chapel in November,
from the 7th 'til the end of November. Originals will be for
sale as well as prints. Come down and take a gander, eat free
cheese cubes and drink our cheap piss (it's not that cheap!)...
You might even make some new friends! Wonderous. :)

More updates soon. But for now, enjoy my portrait of
our Great Lady. ;D

Lots of Geese and Gluten free Cupcakes~
Amz. x