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Thursday, January 13

Someone say 'Lettuce'!?

Someone say 'Lettuce'!?
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Woah! That's a lot of happy tortoises... c:

Some of them look spazzy as, but I think it adds to their charm. hahaha. I love their wrinkly necks!

In other, more personal, news. I have dyed my hair white blonde! After 2&1/2 intense hours I have a masterpiece mop on my head thanks to my killer hairdresser, Michelle.

I didn't want to but unfortunately i need to find a job, and people have a preconceived notion of young people with unnaturally coloured hair. If you don't believe me ask anyone who's had unnatural hair how easy it was finding a job. Believe me, there is still a prejudice against it. People think that with coloured hair you must be wild, or a bad egg or something. I'm a lovely egg but I don't fit in with corporate branding and look like some sort of coke whore (?) I suppose. (N) So, rest in piece pink hair... I will always love you!!

Haha. Many more dramatic updates coming soon!! Also news on an etsy store where you can buy prints, jewelry & plushies. :)

Stay chewnd bru'!

Peroxide & Porpoises,

Amz. x