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Friday, April 1

Like my art on FACEBOOK!


Quick one, I have done some printing today and will be getting
more tomorrow- Tom Wilson's edited beautiful photo prints
for the All Aboard show in fact! I was the editor, he was the photographer
and together we made magical clay things happen.

(Yeahh, I still have stuffed toys. Ones Tom made me and
some Japanese UFO catcher toys. I'm addicted to them!)

On a more professional and important note, I
finally updated my ancient deviantart, it's now current:
AND I have made myself an official facebook. Like the
page & follow my art. There is also an official facebook
page for Amitty Studios as well! Check out the sidebar, you'll
find a like button. Hit it and away we go!

That's all.

dA and digital prints~
Amz; x.