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Monday, March 28

Busy Bees... or Fish.


There hasn't been much time for my own work because I've
been editing my boyfriend's photography for the upcoming
ALL ABOARD show! Wheew! It's all looking fantastic
so far, you can check out his ideas and subject matter up on
the Amitty Studios Blog. I'm on my second board, and loving it.
Nothing better than a killer icecream. Also, here's a snap of my
new fish, Baby Fugu. He is a Panda Moor and is very happy in
his new tank... He lives with Hugo the Black Moor. Also, for the
hell of it, here's a cute snap of Hugo (pronounced Hoo-Go)
being... well, cute!

See? He's a little Panda!


I adore my goldfish. I know that's a funny thing to say, as they
don't really do much other than swim around and eat food. But,
I love watching them and making them happy with nibbles and
toys in their tank.

See you all in two weeks for ALL ABOARD!

Lots of love and bubbles;
Amz, Baby Fugu & Hugo. x