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Sunday, February 27

Vote for my 'Glitter-Witch Tribal Art Print' to be on tees!

So I bit the bullet and entered this into the current 'Dotti Design-a-bits' competition. Most of the material on there is not very well drawn and as this was more of a art/design brief I thought I'd give it a shot. I have been so 100% dedicated to working on this upcoming exhibition I have been forgetting to create art! Boo! So I thought I'd enter another comp.

Admittedly I'm waiving my moral & intellectual rights if it wins and goes on t-shirts but I figure that this piece isn't quite my cup of tea any who... It's not like me to draw this kind of indie style stuff. I am not into drawing girls with flowers in their hair, it's just not me. I like big-lipped bitties with sharp edges and bright colours. Intense.

The reason I was compelled to draw this was that I stumbled upon a site called 'HIPSTER WIFE HUNTING'... I think it was taking the piss but didn't announce that it was so that more hipsters would follow it and feel good about themselves... or something like that. I mean, hipsters... *RAGE*.... hold me back, I'm about to generalize!!! SO UNORIGINAL PARADING AS ORIGINAL! DAMN! I have nothing against you if you are an original, crafty and cool human being but the idea that you begin by LABELLING YOURSELF as a 'HIPSTER' really bugs me! You are just you, don't label yourself and don't let others label you.

You are original, be yourself and people with love you, I will love you, okay? Okay. I love you, original human beings. You hear me? I LOVE YOU AND I MEAN IT.

Where was I? Oh yeah, this was born of my hatred of those hipsters who own feather headdresses... ie 'fashionable' rape of culturally important items. I blame Ke$ha. I hate her. What a hipster.


via facebook connect. :) Please and thank you!

Feathers and Fears,

Amz. x