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Wednesday, February 16



Happy (belated) Valentine's day to you all. Here's a little update on life right now...

So the market stall I held went okay, sold enough to
just budge onto the profit side of things!
(By $1 mind you, but shush!) I had some lovely feedback, but the crown wasn't mine
so I didn't sell a huge amount. I spent most of the day chasing the paper doilies
that *HAD* been a good idea due to the stupid amount of wind.
Everyone there was crazy nice, especially the organizer of the event, Nicole.
I also ran into a fellow illustration, Dean Jones, he is an incredibly talented digital artist
that incidentally wandered over to my stall. Check out his work if you get a chance.
Here are a couple of photos from the day, by both me and knicked off the Charles Street fb!

(The entertainment on the day was sweet as! There's me in the back.)

(and there's me looking like a complete noodle!)

On another note my valentine's day was good.

I made up a bunch of little felt buddies for the market, and as I was in a felting mood
I ended up also felting a present for my beautiful boyfriend, Tom.
It looked a little something like this, plus a chocolate rose,
a dinosaur drawing and a couple cool cupcakes!

I think I'll put a few up on Etsy. They fit in two hands, and smile all day!

Last night by coincidence I found the neatest website for illustration competitions,
which lead me to find out about the wonderful design competition currently running on Don't Panic Online.
It's a comp to design a film poster for the film 'Norwegian Wood', originally a Haruki Murakami novel
turned film (directed by Tran Anh Hung). It is primarily a design comp, but it was very visually based
so I decided illustrating a but wouldn't be so bad. Here was my submission...

Norwegian Wood;

Voting is still being held for the next 12 days, so if you'd be so gracious as to help me
out and vote for my design (only if you like it best, of course) you can go HERE and hit
vote! I'll also tell you a bit about the design whilst I'm bullying you into voting for me-
I mean- lovingly asking! This is what the novel is about (text from the Don't Panic site):

"NORWEGIAN WOOD is a story of love and heartbreak in a time of global instability.
As students around the world are uniting to overthrow the establishment, Toru Watanabe’s
personal life is similarly in tumult. At heart, he is deeply devoted to his first love, Naoko,
a beautiful and introspective young woman. But their complex bond has been forged by a
tragedy years before, until Midori, a girl who is everything that Naoko is not –
outgoing, vivacious, supremely self-confident – marches into his life and Watanabe must choose
between his past and his future."

So I went with the idea of a fragile songbird, which I used to symbolize
Naoko, being cradled by her relationship with Toru. I also overlayed
the notes of the Beatles' Norwegian Wood as well as a quote from the
novel to fit with the theme. Hope you like it.

In other news, (even more, wuah!), I am also currently working on a new exhibition
as I've been talking about over and over again, and I need some help...
Anyone out there who has spare/broken skateboards to donate, please contact me,
I am in the Melbourne CBD area, and am in desperate need! You will be helping
out a lot of good illustrators, photographers and promotional kids! I'll let you
know more later. I'm a bit everywhere right now, I've been on this computer so
long my arm is about to pop out off my torso and slap me 'round because of the
burning between my shoulder blades, boo! I seriously need a break!

Anyway, I'll be off then. Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

Many hearts, hands and hugs,

Amz. x