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Friday, February 11

I'm getting a Panda...

... Goldfish!

(image courtesy of Google)

Jello Jeam!
(Hello Team!)

So today was both AWFUL and WONDROUS.

It started with not being able to sleep, and ended with a fishtank.
Like most days, it was a little everywhere (my days are always like
that). I'm glad to say, though, that after watching
Black-Cannibalistic-bobble-eyed-fish being... well, cannibals,
my day looked up. I am fortunate enough to be a part of this
Sunday's Brunswick Charles Street Arts Market. I will be peddling
my jewelry like a desperate beggar... with style. (I am not that desperate,
but I liked the phrase in my head). It'll be held from 12 noon- 5PM at
The Sporting Club, Brunswick 27 Weston St. Brunswick.
Just one street off Sydney Rd, across the road from Barkly Square.

I am looking forward to selling clay cheesecakes and plush whales. You
can get a feel of the kind of things I'll be selling from taking a look at my Etsy.
I'll be with my sister, Steph, 3D artist and sketch-a-holic!
Come down and say hello. I'm the blonde in the "dirty-sailor-beanie" (Quoting
my Mother there, she hates the old beanie I stole off my Dad)!

Back to the fish... so yeah, I'm dying for a panda golfish! I have only found
one stockist in Melbourne and am so peeved of all the fishies, they have
no black and white ones. (BOO!) I mean, kudos that you have orange
panda fish, but the black ones are what I want!! I'm going to order some in
asap. I have the tank (carried the bitch in Wittner's giganto heels eight blocks
in this bloody Aussie humidity, THANKS SUMMER!) so cheap and tacky, but
waterproof and neat looking. I really am dying for a panda goldfish and a
black moor goldfish (I already picked the name Hugo, yay!) to be chillin'
in the filtered, pebbled, fake-plant-ed tank!

Anywho, on the arts end (haha, so bad haven't talked about art all post)
I did a little painting then realized why I hated painting, so am sticking
to fimo/sculpey for now and photoshop. My Avante Cards are out, about,
and being recieved quite well. My Mum works at Melbourne Museum
and said the stand was cleared out of my Loveasaurus Art in less than
a WEEK! I am so chuffed! No news on any work through Avante Card but
I still have my fingers crossed.

I am also planning an exhibition once more with my dearest, closest
and most amazing friend in the whole entire world, Kitty. It looks like
it'll be up around April/May and the artists to join us are yet to be
selected. It's also shaping up to be on Smith Street (neat), if everything
turns out good. Anyway, this post is too long. Next update will be about
the Market stall, my childhood inspiration, a professional cupcake
class I'm doing with my kickass Mum and ordering fish.

Fish, Fimo and Fortune,

Amz; xo