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Friday, February 4

Call me Madame!

So here I am, sitting in my jammies. It's past midday and
I haven't changed because I've been so obsessed with Etsy!
Speaking of which... GRAND OPENING AHOY!
Sneak peek of a couple of items....

So here's my new Etsy store, only a couple of things up so
far but it's not too bad. ;)
I've been creating jewellery with no purpose for such a
long time, it's good to finally have it up for sale.
In other news my Avantcards came through. A great big box
of 500 came to my door yesterday, how lovely! I have already
had some potential job prospects from the release. But that's
all top secret, I don't want to jinx myself. All I'll say is that this
dinosaur piece is going far...
Anyway, I'll update again soon. I've been being a little slack
as of late.
Etsy and Emails,
Amz; x