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Thursday, February 24


"Is this friendship? I THINK SO!"

Me and my new best friend, the belt sander...
(Sorry Kit & Clav!)


Hello lovely kitty cats, boy do I have some news for you...
So recently I've actually been setting up an exhibition, it's
called 'ALL ABOARD' and is showing in Fitzroy on Smith St.
Grumpy's Green, the wonderful eco-friendly bar is hosting our
show of hand-painted skateboard decks! We are about to announce
our bands shortly and a few more artists. Everything is bright,
sugar-laden, poppy and deliciously urban! We have street artists,
photographers, fine artists, animators, designers and illustrators.

We are like a creative sample box of fine chocolates!

We are creating an artistic hub on April 10th, live painting, drinks,
live music, art and lots of love. A lot of blood, sweat and tears has
already gone into the show and the art hasn't even been made yet.
My piece involves organs, gemstones, ghosts, tiny teeth and jellyfish.
Try telling me you're not even SLIGHTLY intrigued. n__n

I will be posting more info soon, but for now check out
it's Kitty & I's studio. We are a powerhouse!

Hope you all stay tuned, and don't abandon the ship
that is April's ALL ABOARD exhibition!

Gems, Glitter and Grumpy's Green,