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Friday, December 24

When Life gives you Lemons

... make lemonade with this kickass lemon necklace!

I acquired a large amount of different coloured sculpy & fimo, so I went a little nutso and made a bunch of fruit jewellery. This was the first one I made, a sweet little lemon! Or should I say sour?

I sat there for a while with a pin creating all little pores on it, and am pretty proud of how it turned out! It's a short necklace that sits just between your clavicles. Looks sweet as when you wear it. I need to take a photo of it on, just to show how it sits.

Anyway, that's about all... I have a few more things to blog but I won't do it just yet. Wait a couple of days and I'll post some new shoes & art I've created. But for now, I'm busy being festive...

( ps, One sleep 'til Christmas!)

Merry Shrimpmas!

Amz; x