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Saturday, December 4

Babushkas, Jellyfish and Post Cylinders...


Just a couple of nights ago my fellow Illustration buddies
and I opened up an exhibition based at Melbourne's own E55!
I was the co-curator along with Kitty Poduska and...
well, let's face it: unofficially Shannon Keane! He did just
as much as I did so he deserves a mention ahahahaha.

We showed a collection of hand made babushka dolls and
wall art. Fortunately for me, someone dug one of the pieces
enough to contact me and after a trip the The Edge (our awesome
Illustre 2010 sponsor) and the post office, Lady Gaga will soon be off
to Sydeny to live on the wall of a happy customer!

Other than that I spent most of the night playing bejeweled on my phone,
switching couches with Alfie, Claire & Tom & being yelled at
by excited, drunken illustrators. I'm such a bad curator!

The next day I ventured into the world of sculpy once more,
after a shopping trip to spotlight which cost something around $163
of my Mum's money (by which I mean Dad's money). I picked up
a pearlescent blue that was transformed (after only one horrific
failed attempt) into magical jellyfish earrings!

They aren't perfect but I love them all the same. I'll soon be
starting up an etsy store where I believe these will feature in
all different colours. I just need to sort out some paperwork
first! ABN papers can get messy...

Now, the rest of my day will be spent baking more coloured jellies,
working on some Squid art, listening to Imogen Heap & keeping my fingers
crossed I can get this Gaga prim, printed & posted asap!

Things to look forward to?
Monday I'm meeting my boyfriend's future puppy
& having a birthday dinner for one of my best friends,
getting money from my Illustre sale to buy some Christmas pressies,
finalizing a few patterns to create a rainbow shrimp,
& more............... Life is amazing!

I'll E your 55 if you Jelly my Fish;