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Saturday, March 9

Buttons is a Purebred

Buttons is a Purebred by Amz Kelso
Buttons is a Purebred, a photo by Amz Kelso on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

I decided to do some shirt designs that I would be caught wearing myself, instead of just my illustration work slapped onto a tee. I really REALLY dig what I came up with! I'm totally obsessed with drawing five eyed kittens, Pentagrams are also a staple of my outfits these days. I pretty much dress up like some sort of teenage witch, except I'm neither a teenager or a witch... Um... Not going to lie, my next few pieces are all occult themed pastel-goth vintage cute ones. I suggest if you don't like a good feminist slogan or satanic pun, you avoid my posts for the next few weeks!
I also want to get back into typography as I've missed it and I was really good at it a few years ago. Ramble... Ramble... I chucked in a gingham pattern with a moon photograph, as well as some paw prints turning into floating love-heart magic peaches. The fuchsia devil/satan cat/kitten is just so cute, no? I think it's rad.
So, this design is for all those other witchy women out there. Next I think it's going to be a feminist slogan with a ice-cream sundae on the bottom. Yep!
(HAVE I been watching too much Buffy? Some would say... Perhaps. Most would say yes.)