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Sunday, October 2

Sept-Oct Update!


I've been busy, here's a quick update...

These two were unused art for a CCV brief. Cancer Council Vic was looking for a promotional
illustration for the awareness of Cervical Cancer and the Gardasil vaccine. I didn't get the gig, but
I'm still damn proud of what I did.

I've also done this:

A Black-Moor tattoo commission. Cute! I love goldfish.

Also, just completed another piece just an hour ago, first major
illustration in a while...

Mm, Salty!... Tangled in pretzels, just how babes should be.

In the last month I also attended a Dr. Sketchy event and drew the gorgeous Lux St Sin!
Whew, I've been busy! No time to caption all of this in detail, just enjoy the images.


Amz; x