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Thursday, November 25

Ms. Bee Header & Mr. Bubble B. Gummy...

Inspired by the time I had to fight an european wasp in
my lounge... I will never forget the crunchy sound of his head
popping off his body. Sorry Wasp, but my Dad is allergic to
you! Something had to be done...

On a lighter note, here's me attacking the sewing machine
and wasting all the bobbin on silly plush toys.

I'm going to go attack my sewing machine for the 50th time
this week, this time my conquest is to create plush cookies
with magical faces. I hope they turn out. This is what I made
last night, his name is Mr. Bubble B. Gummy:

I want to make a whale army.

Wasps & Whales;

Amz. xo